Who Funds Us

We are a fully Registered Charity, a nonprofit organisation that receives no local council or government funding. We rely totally on donations, gifts, private grants, bequests and our own fundraising activities as well as those of our wonderful faithful supporters, for income.

Every dollar of donation or gift you give to Saving Hope is used only for the welfare of dogs.

We do not spend your donation on anything else. This is standard Saving Hope policy.

Unlike other animal societies and charitable organisations in N.Z, no wages, salaries or allowances of any kind are paid out of donations and gifts you give to us.

We pay for an office administrator to help us cope with the heavy admin workload and also various operational costs from a special fund that we’ve built up from money that we raise ourselves from competitions, events, fashion shows, sale of goods and other fundraising work that we do with our volunteers.

In fact, no salaries or wages at all are paid to the founders, managers, accountants, fosters, coordinators, members, trustees, volunteers or helpers of Saving Hope. All these wonderful people give freely of their time and expertise. Some of them spend literally hours and hours helping Saving Hope in so many areas. They are our unsung heroes.

Not using any of the money you donate to us for wages or salaries means we can maximise the income that we can set aside and allocate directly for the dogs.



He is the sweetest natured boy, very playful, loves exploring the world