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Become a “Saving Hope Partner”

Our supporters are very loyal and generous. We really could not do without them and their help.

We never know what the next day will bring, whether a dog medical emergency or an unanticipated flow of new puppies with their mother. So we invite you to partner with us – be a Saving Hope member-partner. You can do this by pledging to donate a small amount each month to keep Saving Hope operating and rescuing hundreds of dogs every year.

The ways to do this is very simple: go to our website, click on “Help Us” and choose “Sponsorship Gifts“.  Then simply hit Contact Us from that page and we’ll be in touch to set up whatever amount you wish to gift each month. We will soon automate this feature but for now please simply contact us.

As a member-partner we will email you frequent news about dogs and overseas developments plus updates on the many dogs we have rescued and results of their rehabilitation and adoption. So think about becoming a member-partner with Saving Hope and get in touch. Thank You.

We’d love to hear from you – Contact Us

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