Mayday – these doggies urgently need your love

We urgently need these lovely dogs adopted out to loving families and their own forever home. Every day they look out at everyone that comes in to adopt and then sigh with disappointment as people leave with another doggie and not them. It’s heartbreaking because all they long for is a family of their own who they can love. Why not make that decision now and adopt one today. Include one of these lovely dogs as part of your family. It’s a decision you will never regret.

Give them a home and lots of love. Make them a member of your family and care for them. In return they will give you unconditional love and total devotion like you will never ever get from a human.  Dogs are an amazing animal. They are surely one of God’s most spectacular creations with their ability to give you joy and companionship that few other animals can match. God made dogs special.

Adopt one today and you will fall in love with her or him and they with you.