Our Goal

Saving Hope is dedicated to creating regional no-kill dog rescue sanctuary operations in NZ.

Saving Hope’s one goal is to place all abused, neglected and abandoned dogs with loving forever homes and owners who will make them part of their family.

Owners who will give them care in surroundings where they will be safe, and live and play happily until it’s their time to pass on.

Saving Hope strives to achieve the following goals:

  • Protect the welfare of abandoned and abused dogs by providing care and shelter.
  • Spay and neuter dogs to prevent future unwanted animals.
  • Secure adoptive homes for dogs.
  • Support community awareness of ethical treatment of dogs and all animals.

Sadly, many dogs are treated poorly by those without resources. Many dog pounds are not well staffed and many stray or abandoned animals are brought by a control officer to dog pounds where they’re often left alone to share rooms with other animals where they receive little or no one-on one attention.

There is a considerable need for establishing safe sanctuary facilities with experienced staff and volunteers to help address these concerns.