Do you have an area in your site that allows tributes in memory of my dog2020-03-07T00:37:27+13:00

Saving Hope offers a special way for you to say goodbye and pay tribute to a beloved furry companion and best friend that you have lost. We have a special memorial section, where we invite you to post a picture with a few words of remembrance about your late dog or puppy who gave you so much joy and love. Your lovely faithful pet that you will never forget. We also give you the opportunity to make a small donation, if you wish, in his or her memory. Donations are spent only on the welfare of the animals we rescue and in our care. Go to our “In Memory” section.

Where does my donation go2020-03-08T11:52:03+13:00

We are a fully Registered Charity, a nonprofit organisation that receives no local council or government funding. We rely totally on donations, gifts, private grants, bequests and our own fundraising activities as well as those of our wonderful faithful supporters, for income. We are very careful in spending donations from our generous donors. A full 100% of money donated to us is used only for the welfare of dogs.It is not used for wages or anything else. This is standard Saving Hope policy.

We pay for our administration and various operational costs from a special fund that we’ve built up from money that we raise ourselves from competitions, events, fashion shows, sale of goods and other fundraising work that we do with our volunteers.

So be assured that your donation goes to the dogs alone. In fact, everyone including the CEO, manager, accountant, administrators, rescuers, fosters and countless helpers, all work unpaid. They all volunteer their skills and services plus countless hours of time so every cent can go for the dogs and only the dogs.

How can my company or business help2020-03-06T21:44:56+13:00

Why not create a corporate partnership with us that meet your business and philanthropic goals. Being a corporate partner demonstrates your brand’s commitment to a world without animal cruelty, where all companion animals find permanent homes and make the world a better place. Philosophically, every company wants to be a good corporate citizen.

Engaging with Saving Hope turns your desire into action. Your brand can reach millions of pet lovers who care deeply about saving the lives of puppies and dogs. If you would like to discuss or meet with one of our consultants, please go to our contact page – Contact Us

Can I become a Saving Hope partner somehow2020-03-06T21:44:03+13:00

Yes. Definitely. We invite you to partner with us – be a Saving Hope member. You can do this by pledging to donate a small amount each month to keep Saving Hope operating and rescuing hundreds of dogs every year.
The ways to do this is very simple: click on Help Us” and choose “Sponsorship Gifts“.  Then simply hit Contact Us from that page and we’ll be in touch.

Can I sponsor a dog?2020-03-06T23:31:40+13:00

Absolutely. When you sponsor a dog that is a rescue dog, you help that animal in ways that can never be easily measured.
Your sponsor donation will change that animal’s life as it is used specifically for that dog’s needs. You can sponsor any amount you like per month.
See “Sponsor a Dog” section in the SUPPORT US area on our website.

What if I see a dog being abused or hurt or a stray or homeless2020-06-02T18:50:20+12:00

Report it immediately. If you see a dog or other animal that’s lost, hurt, chained up, stressed, starving, injured, neglected or abused – please Contact us. Then we’ll organise a team or contact the authorities to see if the dog or animal requires rescuing or needs help. Remember, you can save an animal’s life if you act quickly.

Should I microchip my pet?2020-03-06T21:42:01+13:00

Yes, Definitely. We at Saving Hope strongly recommend that pet owners microchip their dogs, in addition to a getting a current dog license and identification tag.

Does it take long to find my dog a home2020-03-06T21:41:25+13:00

Sometimes it takes a few days .Other times it takes a lot longer. Don’t worry if we can’t find a home for your dog right away! Finding an ideal home for your pet may take a little time and effort, but your pet’s future is important, so we don’t adopt out until the new owners are suitable for your dog. We screen potential adopters carefully; ask them for references; inquire about employment, financial stability, and previous pet ownership. We visit their homes for a property check to ensure the environment is suitable, and then we usually follow to see how your pet is doing.

I can no longer keep my pet. What can I do?2020-03-06T21:40:57+13:00

Saving Hope considers dogs to be members of the family. With hundreds of companion dogs surrendered to animal shelters each year, and countless stray dogs roaming our streets, giving up a companion animal is not a decision to be taken lightly. If circumstances arise that prohibit you from caring for your pet, there may be options for you to consider before relinquishing your pet.

Before you give up on your pet, please consult a reputable trainer or animal behaviourist for assistance. We can recommend a few you can contact. If you have made up your mind to re-home your companion animal, please contact us first and we will see whether we can find him or her a loving home and family.

How can I throw a fundraiser for Saving Hope?2020-03-06T21:40:19+13:00

Saving Hope relies on grants and gifts from the public to provide for our dogs and we are always grateful when the public wants to help! Your donations are essential to our work. Individuals or groups interested in hosting a fundraiser can get in touch with us if they need advice or help.

What advice can you give me about training my own dog?2020-03-06T21:40:03+13:00

We recommend that dogs in need of training be evaluated by their veterinarian first. Dogs may “react” or “act out” for multiple reasons, some of it may be health related, and it is best to have your dog assessed by a veterinarian first. From there, your vet may be able to provide you with resources about what kind of training or therapy is best for your dog. We then also recommend that you contact a reputable dog training company in your area for help. If you are in need of an experienced dog trainer, we have a few that we can recommend

How can I report or surrender a dog?2020-06-02T18:50:43+12:00

To report a stray dog or a dog you feel is in danger contact us. Please provide the street location, cross streets and closest landmarks, and a description of the dog when reporting. Please note, stray dogs do move quickly! The best possible chance to help a stray dog is when our team is already out in the field. We work with other authorities as fast as possible to locate the dog upon your call..

How can I make a donation?2020-03-06T21:39:12+13:00

Thank you so much for giving a gift to Saving Hope that will save a life. Donating is easy, safe and secure. You can donate by going to Make a Donation”. Each and every gift is appreciated, no matter the amount, because every amount counts!

Don’t want to donate online? That’s ok!  Cheques can be written out to SAVING HOPE and mailed to:

Saving Hope
P.O. Box 744
Auckland 0946

If you do send us a donation, be sure to complete the donation form so we can send you a tax deductible donation receipt.

What supplies do you need and where can I drop it off?2020-03-08T11:59:47+13:00

You can find our wish list on our website. We will soon have on our website a few other drop off locations that you can call on.  We do not allow donations to be dropped off at our shelter due to lack of storage space and we don’t want to interrupt training and feeding times.

How do I volunteer?2020-03-06T21:34:11+13:00

Volunteers are essential to Saving Hope’s mission and we always need volunteers. We can’t thank you enough for wanting to donate your time and talents. All volunteers must be 18 years old or older. Go to our website and fill out a volunteer application and we will be back to you as soon as we can . If you’re looking to volunteer for events please email us at and tell us about your experience and how you can help.

How can I foster?2020-03-06T21:32:55+13:00

By fostering you are helping to save more lives and giving a dog a chance to train and learn in a home environment! Fosters are essential to rescues and we would be lost without them. Fosters must live in the North Island and puppy fosters must live close to our veterinarians, since puppies require more care. The first step is for you to fill the foster application form on our website. Once we have a match for you, our foster coordinator will be in touch!

Saving Hope provides all our fosters with all the medical care, supplies, toys and food you will need for your foster dog. All you need to do is provide a dog with love and occasional transportation to medical appointments and adoption events. It is essential that you coordinate with our adoption team to make arrangements to transport your foster dog to events.

Do you adopt out of Auckland?2020-03-06T21:32:37+13:00

For some dogs and special arrangements, we will adopt outside of Auckland.

What is the fee to adopt?2023-07-07T08:53:51+12:00

You don’t have to pay for your dog. However, we ask for an adoption donation from you of $380 (whatever size dog you are adopting).  Your adoption donation is used to bring your dog up to good health including spaying and neutering, vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, training where necessary and vet medical clearance before you take her or him home. Puppies adopted out under 12 weeks come with special requirements. An adoption coordinator can provide you with more information.

Can I come to your shelter to adopt a dog?2020-03-06T21:32:11+13:00

Unfortunately, we  aren’t set up yet for in house adoptions. Many of the dogs that are ready for adoption are enrolled in our foster program. Our shelter is a safe place for dogs that need rehabilitation or training, and some aren’t quite ready for adoption yet, but we’re working hard to make them adoptable superstars. Please check our website for dogs that are ready for adoption and fill out an application so we can set up a meet and greet at your home!

How can I see your adoptable dogs?2020-03-06T21:31:59+13:00

You can view the profiles of our adoptable dogs on our website. Please be careful to read their descriptions, as some dogs may have special needs or may need a home that’s just the right fit for them. We also do adoption events so check our Facebook page and website for dates and times.  

What is your adoption process?2020-03-07T17:34:42+13:00

First, take a look at our adoptable dogs  here on our site. Once you think you’ve found your ideal match, simply fill out our adoption application form online and submit it to us . Once your application is received, our adoption coordinator will contact you within 48 hours. 

From there, we will review your application and conduct a brief phone interview, set up a time to visit you for a home check, and check to see if the dog will be a fit with your family and other dogs. When you pass the brief home check, we then bring the dog to your home for a meet and greet. If you are a fit for the dog, and the dog is a fit for you, then you’re offered an adoption contract. Please understand that dogs are not placed on a first come, first served basis, and we take special care placing dogs into families where they will be able to thrive.

Is Saving Hope affiliated with any other organisations?2020-03-06T21:31:28+13:00

Saving Hope is not formally affiliated with other animal welfare groups but works cooperatively with many of them as  well as other organisations.

How many Facebook followers does Saving Hope have?2020-03-06T21:31:11+13:00

There are currently more than 30,000 Saving Hope followers on Facebook.

Are most of your helpers volunteers2020-03-06T21:30:46+13:00

Yes. Saving Hope operates with a small, highly dedicated unpaid staff (apart from an office administrator) Most of our helpers are faithful volunteers who give generously of their time, talents, and skills to help and re-home dogs no matter what their condition. We also have many wonderful foster parents for most of our adoptable dogs before being adopted out. There are many people who come to help voluntarily with all sorts of tasks (some nice some yukky) all because they have a love for the dogs.

What is your Goal and Vision2020-03-06T21:30:33+13:00

Our goals is to be dedicated to creating a regional no-kill dog rescue and sanctuary operation with one purpose – to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home homeless, abused, neglected, abandoned and stray dogs. Our vision is to – rescue, recover, re-health, rehabilitate, retrain, relove and rehome dogs who have been abused, abandoned, neglected and homeless.

How is the work of Saving Hope funded?2020-03-06T21:30:18+13:00

Saving Hope is funded mostly by the donations of members and well-wishers. We also receive some funding from foundations and businesses. Donations to Saving Hope are tax-deductible.

What happens to the dogs who are brought to Saving Hope?2020-03-06T23:26:43+13:00

All dogs are checked over to assess their medical condition and state of health first. Those dogs that require a visit to our vets are sent for a full investigation.  If anything is found that needs medical attention of any kind, our vets will attend to it immediately. All other matters such as – worm and flea treatments, de-sexing, full vaccinations (based on age of dog or puppy), micro-chipping, costly vet surgery in some cases, vet book, and all other necessary new dog/puppy issues are also resolved. Once the dog is ready for time within a home environment they are sent to one of our dedicated foster homes where they will stay with a loving family until they are ready to be adopted. Most of the dogs are soon ready to go to their new families and forever homes, making way for new arrivals. For the small number of dogs who are not yet ready for adoption, our shelter/sanctuary is their home until they are adopted.

What is a “no-kill” sanctuary?2020-03-06T21:29:50+13:00

It’s a sanctuary for homeless dogs where dogs are able to stay for as long as it takes them to find loving homes. Dogs may still be euthanized humanely if they are irredeemably sick or injured, but they are not killed in order to make space for more dogs.

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