Welcome to the Saving Hope Foundation Dog Adoption Program

Thank you for your interest in adopting a puppy or dog from Saving Hope. The following information will assist you in your dog selection and learning about what you could expect when adopting. We have strict policies when re-homing our dogs so the details you provide in your application will help us determine the best dog adoption fit for you.

Not a final commitment

By completing this form, you are not making a binding commitment to adopt. You are simply applying to adopt and providing details we require . You can withdraw your application anytime up to being accepted by us. Please note that you can also list more than one puppy or dog that you would like to meet before making your selection.

About Dog or Puppy Adoption

Ask anyone who has ever adopted a dog from a rescue group and they’ll share with you their story of love, fun and companionship. Why? Because rescue dogs are amazing. Over the next year, thousands of dogs will enter shelters and rescue groups nationwide. Fortunately, in that time, many people will also take a dog into their homes. Please make your local Dog Rescue Group or Dog Shelter your first choice and preferred way to acquire a dog as a loving pet.

Remember: Dogs and puppies who are taken into the care each year find themselves homeless through no fault of their own. “Moving home”, “Landlord issues” and “Economic circumstances” are some of the main reasons why people give up or abandon their pets. There are many loving dogs and puppies just waiting to meet you so adopt now from a reputable dog rescue or dog shelter organisation. It’ll be a win-win, for you and your new dog. So why wait. Go find that beautiful dog or puppy that will become the love of your life.

Below is a step by step guide of the various stages you’ll need to follow in our Adoption Application process.

Step 1: Complete the Adoption Application Form online.  Once your application has been received, a Saving Hope “Adoption Rep” will contact you within 48 hours.

Step 2: After that initial introduction, your details will be forwarded to the relevant Foster Partner in our network who will contact you to discuss the dog or puppy you desire and to arrange a suitable time to meet.

Step 3: Go and meet the dog or puppy you are enquiring about.
Remember to consider the following matters during your meeting:

  • How does the dog interact with you?
  • How do you think the energy levels of the dog will fit with you and your family?
  • How is the dog interacting with your children?
  • How are your children interacting with the dog?
  • How big approximately will this dog grow?
  • Do you have enough space for you and the dog to play at home?

Step 4: Decide whether the dog or puppy you have chosen is a good fit for you and your family then let your Adoption Rep know.

(Note: The Foster will also be involved in the decision on whether you are the right fit for the dog).

Step 5: Your Adoption Rep will then forward your details to one of our Property Check Volunteers who will contact you to arrange a time to inspect your property.

Listed below are some of the things they will be looking at:

  • Is your property fully fenced or fenced appropriately so the dog can’t get out?
  • Is there proper shelter and food/drink for your dog if it is outside during the day?
  • If you have stairs how are you going to keep the dog safe?
  • If your property has decking is there any space that a dog could fall through?
  • Will your dog be able to sleep inside your home with you at night?
  • Are there any areas of concern e.g. excess wires, choking hazards etc.

(Note: Please ensure the above requirements are in place prior to your property check)

Step 6: Once your Property Inspection has been completed and your adoption application tentatively approved, you will receive an email from Saving Hope requesting payment of the $380 Adoption Fee donation.  Once payment is received you’ll be sent a “De-sexing notice” containing the booking date for your dog to be de-sexed and the Vet clinic you’ll need to attend.

Step 7: Finally – sign and return your Adoption Application form so the adoption can be fully approved. Once approved your Adoption Rep will advise the Foster (who has your dog/puppy) to contact you to arrange a date for you to take your new dog or puppy home.

Saving Hope does not charge you a fee for adoption. But costs for vet health checks, vaccination, micro-chipping, de-sexing etc for your dog means we will ask you for an adoption contribution of $380 to go towards these critical costs so you have a healthy, strong dog to take home and love.

We have a “No adoption contribution refunds” policy should you return your dog or puppy for any reason whatsoever. As a charitable organisation, our income is from donations and gifts, and all fees received are applied to cover considerable costs set out below plus heavy rescue and rehabilitation expenses.

(Please Note: In some instances, depending on the dog, the adoption contribution asked for may be more than $380 because of the circumstances (e.g vet surgery and special services were required for the doggie etc) . You will be advised of this prior to approval of your application.)

Our standard adoption contribution of $380 is used for:

  • Worm and Flea treatments
  • De-sexing
  • 1st & 2nd vaccinations (based on age of dog or puppy)
  • Micro-chipping
  • Costly vet surgery in some cases
  • Vet book
  • All other necessary new dog/puppy expenses

Note: (1) Your adoption contribution is not a payment that you can claim a tax credit for under NZ tax law relating to donations.

             (2) No one in Saving Hope is paid. Everyone including the founders, trustees, CEO, manager, accountant, administrators, rescuers, fosters and countless helpers, all volunteer their skills, services and countless hours so every cent can go for the dogs and only the dogs.  The exception is our office administrator employed to help Saving Hope cope with the heavy administration workload that comes with the growth of and heavy demand for its rescue and rehabilitation services)

Please take your time in your adoption selection. Remember, adoption is a serious matter and is forever. Your new dog or puppy must be a lifetime commitment. They will become part of your family and will love you unconditionally and totally devote themselves to youSome of our rescue dogs and puppies needing a forever home and love, have had a sad start to life so Saving Hope doesn’t want to let these beautiful animals down anymore. Adoption is “for keeps”, nevertheless, should you wish to return your dog(s) for genuine reasons, Saving Hope will take them back and try to find another home for them.

We love to see how our rescue dogs are doing in their new forever homes, so a page has been set up especially for our adopters to join and share updates on their dogs and puppies. Feel free to join in on Saving Hope Foundation Adopters page on Facebook. www.facebook.com/savinghopenz

You can make your adoption contribution to our bank account below.

Saving Hope Foundation bank account:         

  • Account Number: 02-1298-0075877-000
  • Reference: Name of the dog or puppy you are adopting
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