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In Memory

Saving Hope offers a special way for you to say goodbye and pay tribute to a beloved furry companion and best friend that you have lost.

In this very special memorial section, we invite you to post a picture with a few words of remembrance about your late dog or puppy who gave you so much joy and love. Your lovely faithful pet that you will never forget

You also have the opportunity to make a small donation, if you wish, in his or her memory. Donations are spent only on the welfare of the animals we rescue and in our care.

(A) If you would like to post a memorial or tribute of your dog, go to the box on the right, write a few words of remembrance, upload a picture of her or him if you wish, then fill in the rest of the form and hit Send. We’ll do the rest.

(B) If you would like to donate in memory of your dog, please click the DONATE IN MEMORY button below, make your donation , then provide your dog’s details in the donation form comment box at the end of  the form. We’ll do the rest.

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Jessica was a breeders reject, her jaw was a little “munted”. She had other deficiencies also but to us she was perfect.


Tabitha was an unwanted dog from a breeder who became a loving, faithful companion for over 17 years.


Kina was a rescue dog, found as a puppy in a sack with significant internal injuries,  on the side of the road with her deceased siblings.

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