The Saving Hope Foundation is registered Charitable Trust set up in July 2017 that won’t stop growing. Since its start Saving Hope has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed over 1,000 dogs and puppies in the last 30 months alone.

The Saving Hope Foundation was set up after a community rallied together to save a 4 week old pup who we named ‘Hope’. She was in the local dog pound and due to be euthanized because of her breed.

To rescue, recover, re-health, rehabilitate, retrain, relove and rehome dogs who have been abused, abandoned, tortured, hurt, traumatised, neglected,

Saving Hope is dedicated to creating a regional no-kill dog rescue and sanctuary operation with one purpose. To rescue, rehabilitate and re-home all abused, neglected, abandoned and stray dogs all over NZ. We work to match all homeless with loving forever homes and owners who will make them part of their family.

Our vision is to be an organisation who cares for and provides sanctuary and homes for homeless and abandoned dogs.

“No Kill” as it relates to animals means simply that – animals are not killed – except in exceptional situations where they are suffering or traumatised or so ill that there is nothing veterinary science can do to save them.

Saving Hope operates with a small, highly dedicated staff including many faithful volunteers who give generously their time, talents, and skills to help and re-home dogs no matter what their condition.

Saving Hope is a registered charity, a nonprofit organisation that receives no local council or government funding in any way. We rely totally on donations, gifts, private grants and our own fundraising activities for income.

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.