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What We Do

The Saving Hope Rescue operates with a small, but highly dedicated staff, plus many faithful volunteers who give generously their time, talents, and skills to the Rescue’s operation.

In a nutshell, we rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused, abandoned and neglected dogs who have no owners or homes of their own. We are committed not only to saving the lives of these homeless pets, but also enriching those lives and providing resources to adopters that help them enjoy healthy, happy lives with their new family members.

In the future we will be looking at:

  • Training sessions with staff to install basic obedience behaviors, impulse control and target behavior modification such as body handling and socialisation. Sessions will be designed to address the unique needs of each dog and to help prepare the new pet for living in a home environment.
  • Volunteer training that empowers our team of volunteers to advocate for the dogs, teaching them force-free handling skills and interpreting dog’s body language to assist in the dog’s rehabilitation experience while in Saving Hope’s care.
  • Brief “getting to know your dog” sessions with prospective adopters to encourage “good matches” based on the dog’s as well as the adopters’ unique needs and lifestyles.
  • Providing resources and continued support for adopters after they’ve taken their new pet home.
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