Who we are

The Saving Hope Foundation is a fully registered Charitable Trust set up in July 2017. It is a dog rescue and rehabilitation organisation whose rescue operation is experiencing exponential growth that won’t stop anytime soon because of the huge demand and need for its services. Since its commencement Saving Hope has rescued, rehabilitated and re-homed well over 1,000 dogs and puppies and the number keeps growing daily.

Saving Hope has had phenomenal growth because of their policy of never turning any dog away and putting the welfare of dogs as number one priority at all times.  Saving Hope is now one of the largest dog rescue groups in the country. 

The motto at Saving Hope is “No Dog Left Behind”.

We will take every dog that needs care and help no matter what shape he or she is in and no matter what the cost to bring them back to health and a new life. We will not allow any dog to be euthanised without every effort being made to make them well, give them love and a forever home. We want every dog to have a chance at being happy and cared for because so many of them have had sad beginnings and terrible starts to life at the hands of cruel and selfish people.

At the end of the day for us at Saving Hope “it’s all about the animals”.  

Who is behind Saving Hope

The founders of Saving Hope are mother and daughter duo Janine and Anita Hinton of Auckland.
Saving Hope is supported by many helpers who give freely of their time to assist in all areas.
Saving Hope also has a large advisory board of professional and highly skilled people consisting of accountants, architects, lawyers, real estate experts, valuers, I.T specialists, builders, tradespeople, dog trainers, behavioural experts and marketers – all passionate about dog welfare and care of animals.
Saving Hope acknowledges that for it to achieve its goals of rescuing and helping dogs all around N.Z, it needs to work closely with its smart and experienced advisory team so no mistakes are made when it moves to meet the demand for its dog rescue and rehabilitation work. Nothing great can ever be achieved without a team of good people. Saving Hope are so grateful to have this sound group of wonderful experienced animal loving people in its organisation.

Are Saving Hope people paid from any donations or gifts received?

No. Absolutely not. It is Saving Hope’s standard policy that no wages or salaries or allowances must ever be paid from donations or gifts received. We pay for an office administrator to help us cope with the heavy admin workload and also various operational costs from a special fund that we’ve built up from money that we raise ourselves from competitions, events, fashion shows, sale of goods and other fundraising work that we do with our volunteers. Unlike most other animal charities, Saving Hope does not use donations for anything except the dogs. In fact, at Saving Hope, everyone including the founders, CEO, managers, accountants, coordinators, rescuers, fosters and countless helpers, all work unpaid. Each person volunteers their skills and professional services plus hours and hours of time, so that every cent can be used only for the benefit of dogs.

Saving Hope statistics to date

  • Foster Parents – The foundation currently has 162 fosters in Auckland, Whanganui, Hamilton and Whangarei.
  • Volunteers – Saving Hope has 720 registered volunteers ready to assist whenever needed. Currently over 280 volunteers are called on to help as required. Volunteers of course help with the dogs but also administration, social media and the Saving Hope website.
  • Referrals – Most dog referrals come from calls from members of the public, from email alerts, phone calls from dog owners needing assistance, messages through the website, sometimes from SPCA and even the NZ Police.
  • Social Media – Facebook, Instagram and the Saving Hope website are where people are notified of new dogs and puppies, success stories, fundraising initiatives and as a point of contact. The Saving Hope Facebook page has nearly 22,000 followers (with an active community) and Instagram over 2380 followers.
  • Funds – raised mainly from public donations and occasionally grants from corporate and banks.  Gifts are also received from generous charities such as the Lyndsay Foundation, ASB Bank and others. Also, funds come from barbecues, auctions, “puppy days” and other initiatives by volunteers and other people who simply want to help. When a specific dog is needing funds for surgery for the significant vet bills we let people know via social media. Many respond and give generously towards these treatments. All these people are amazing and much appreciated.
  • Non -cash donations – Dog food, toys, bedding etc. are donated by some wonderful companies which is a huge help. The Dog food goes to those who are fostering the dogs. Vets also give us discounted services. We are fortunate and very grateful to receive so many things from so many generous people.

Details in the Charities Services register are:

  • Charitable Purpose: The purpose of Saving Hope Foundation is to advocate on behalf of canines to ensure they are receiving good, ethical and humane practices in shelters at a national level. 
  • Entity Structure: A Charitable Trust incorporated under the Charitable Trusts Act 1957 with the Registrar of Incorporated Societies. 
  • Legal Name: Saving Hope Foundation 
  • Date of Full Registration: 6/12/2018 
  • Registration Number: CC56091 
  • NZBN Number: 9429046297099 
  • Balance Date: March 31 
  • Charity’s Postal Address: PO Box 744, Orewa, Auckland 0946
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savinghopenz/ 
  • Area of Operation: Nationwide