We urgently need these lovely dogs adopted out to loving families and their own forever home. Every day they are looking at everyone that comes in to adopt and then sigh as people and families leave with another doggie while once again they’re left behind. Dogs have feelings too. Their hearts break too.

This girl is still waiting and waiting. She wonders why no one wants her. She is such a gentle loving girl. If you take her home she will bring you so much joy and laughter that it will make your life that much more complete.

All our dogs are available for adoption today. We have hundreds waiting for you so you will have no problem finding that doggie that will fit into your life and family quite easily. Remember, there is one dog there that is waiting just for you. Go find her or him.

If you see a dog looking lost, hurt, chained, stressed, neglected or abused – please call us. Then we’ll organise a team to see if the dogs needs rescuing or needs help.

We will never return you because we changed our mind. We will never let you be moved to anyone else ever again …