Dog Description


Ferdie is ready to adopt some hoomans, particularly the littlest in the pack. He’s fostered north of Kaukapakapa, under the amazing Saving Hope banner.

This pup prefers hoomans on the younger side, and would love another pupper to play with. This pupper prefers a house without cats, but he’s cruisey around other critters. This too-cute 7 week old boy is around 7kg but when he’s a full-sized pooch he’ll make it to large – ar a guess…… Ferdie is a super snuggler who won’t say no to a run.

He loves surprises and new experiences, so switching up the daily walks and adventures is a must.

This medium-sized boy lives to find his perfect spot in your home. Ferdie prefers a balance of structure and chillaxing and loves having a spot for hisself, but might need to cuddle up every now and then. This doggo has love to give the second you meet him, so get ready for snuggles! Everything’s ticking as it should in this doggo, with no health concerns to worry about. He makes friends easily, you’ll be a mate in no time! Lookin’ for a placid pup? This is the boy for you. He’s woofin’ ready to make some new hooman mates, this guy lives off attention and a lively spirit!

Come for a snuggle in Kaukapakapa when you’re next free.