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Dogs to Adopt

The love of an animal is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Explore our site, meet our beautiful dogs and you’ll see why it is hard not to fall in love with them all. You may just meet the dog of your dreams here.

Become a Dog Foster

Fostering a dog is a big step. Fostering is not only a rewarding experience, but it’s a great way to help out your local shelter. To be a successful foster parent, you’ll need compassion, flexibility, and knowledge of animal behavior.

Successful Dog Adoption Stories

Deciding to bring a pet into your life is a huge move. We have many stories of successes that warm your heart. Here are some real life true stories of what can happen when man and dog meet and develop love and care for each other.

Support Us

Every year many homeless dogs are euthanised. Let’s work together to find loving parents and loving homes for these dogs. You can help with monetary donations or offering your services as a volunteer.

These Dogs are looking for their forever homes.  Could that home be yours?



Mac is the little boy, he has the cutest little face. Mac's personality is playful and cuddly he is doing so well and has put on just over 2kg in two weeks! He's great with his big foster dogs and with kids, pretty sure he would even be great with cats as he is just a little cruiser.



Lola is a cuddle bear, she is always looking for a lap to sit on. Lola is a clever and obedient girl who follows commands sit, stay, and responds to her name. She rarely barks and gets on well with cats.



Popeye is an affectionate boy and would like all the attention. He's a bit more rambunctious than his sister and loves a good run around and play. He's very well adjusted in new situations. He just wants to be your best buddy and have a good time!



asper is an adorable puppy who is very smart and determined! He loves his puppy cuddles and playing endlessly with anyone that will play with him. He is a lab cross with hunterway, is mostly white all over with a few little black spots coming through. Casper is currently fostered with his siblings, older foster dogs, chickens and children.



Lulu is a beautiful and very affectionate, loving, licky puppy who loves following the lady of the house around. Playing fetch is her favourite thing in the world to do.



Boyd is so sweet - he is good with all types of people, all he wants is pats from everybody! He has been out at the beach and he just wanted to play with all the other dogs, he was good towards the other dogs we encountered even if they were growling or running at him he just sniffed and jumped around playfully



Leo is such a beautiful little boy who can be a bit timid. He is a bit of follower snd loves cuddles and treats which will make for easy training. Leo is fostered with his sister Leah.



Penelope is a very sweet girl who loves cuddles and is very people focused. She's a bit timid but comes out of her shell quickly to join in the fun. She has lovely markings around her soulful eyes and is looking for her forever home.



Kruge is an amazing dog. He is so gentle and loves cuddles. He gets super excited and is really playful. He plays incredibly well with his dog foster, who has never been playful but Kruge has taught her how to have fun. He really really likes his food so don’t feed him too much and watch out for the kids lunch getting pinched.



Shelby is a beautiful girl who is already almost knee high at only 7 months of age but is the kindest and cuddliest dog. Shelby gets on well with other dogs and cats however she craves to be the only receiver of attention at home so we think would best suit being an only dog



Arlo is a super affectionate pup who loves cuddles and belly scratches. He LOVES playing with a ball more than anything, he will literally play for hours. He has been really good with kids, running around in the backyard with them throwing toys for him to fetch.

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