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Dogs needing love & care



He loves company heaps of cuddles but also happy to do his own thing.



His love for a good cuddle is unmatched, and he'll eagerly crawl into your lap



I have an easygoing, playful & happy nature.



He is a gentle boy and curious/adventurous.

Dogs to Adopt

These dogs need a home

The love of an animal is sometimes just what the doctor ordered. Explore our site, meet our beautiful dogs and you’ll see why it is hard not to fall in love with them all. You may just meet the dog of your dreams here.

Become a Foster

Can you foster these dogs

Fostering a dog is a big step. Fostering is not only a rewarding experience, but it’s a great way to help out your local shelter. To be a successful foster parent, you’ll need compassion, flexibility, and knowledge of animal behavior.

Success Stories

Real stories to warm the heart

Deciding to bring a pet into your life is a huge move. We have many stories of successes that warm your heart. Here are some real life true stories of what can happen when man and dog meet and develop love and care for each other.

dogs adopted to wonderful homes
eagerly waiting for their forever homes
% of donations go to our dogs care
active volunteers available to help

Success Stories

Cash (formerly Cashew)

Cash Our wee Cashew (now Cash) has gone off happy to his new forever home with the wonderful Sarah and Andy have a great life in your new home buddy miss you already.

Ed & Eli

Beautiful Ed and Eli are off together to their new forever family.

Harley (formerly Hazelnut)

Harley Little Hazelnut (Now called Harley) has gone off to her forever home with the lovely Michaela & Sean have a wonderful life little one we will miss you.

A “No Kill” Sanctuary

Saving Hope is a No Kill animal rescue organisation.
“No Kill” as it relates to animals means simply that – animals are not killed – except in exceptional circumstances where they are suffering or totally traumatised or so unwell that there is nothing veterinary science can do to save them. Then the most humane thing we can do to spare them further suffering is to gently put them to sleep.

No-kill means saving every animal that’s in a pound, sanctuary or shelter, that can be saved. It means healing those animals who can be healed, fixing behaviour that can be fixed, and making sure there is comfort and happiness and a good quality of life for them as well as people in the community.

Adopt Me

Ask anyone who has ever adopted a dog before and they’ll share with you their story of love, fun and companionship with their new pet. Why? Because rescue dogs are amazing. Over the next year, thousands of dogs will enter shelters and rescue groups nationwide. Fortunately, in that time, many people will also take a dog into their homes. Please make Saving Hope or your local Dog Rescue Group or Dog Shelter your first choice and preferred way to acquire a dog as a loving pet.

Remember: Dogs and puppies who we take into the care each year had found themselves homeless through no fault of their own. “Moving home”, “Landlord issues” and “Financial circumstances” are some of the reasons why people simply give up and abandon their pets. Most of us dog lovers just can’t get our heads around that at all…why people would leave a member of their family behind. There are many loving dogs and puppies just waiting to meet you so adopt now. Don’t wait another minute. Go find that beautiful dog or puppy that will become the love of your life.

Foster Me

Have you ever thought about helping a dog by fostering him or her while they are waiting to be adopted? From time to time Saving Hope places dogs into temporary foster care. Fostering a dog on a temporary basis is a crucial part in the success of any future adoption because the dog is given an opportunity to adjust to a home environment, and we are given extra time to find him or her a permanent home. Fostering a dog is a big responsibility because many of these dogs have been through a lot so we need people who are willing to dedicate the time and effort to show them that there are still many good people in the world.

What we require from our foster parents is to keep their fosters safe, healthy and loved until we find them a permanent home.  There is so much that needs to be done for these beautiful animals. We could not do what we do without our foster parents and foster homes. We so appreciate them all very much.

Thank You Everyone

Rescuing, rehabilitating and taking care of dogs is expensive. Many rescue dogs require surgery, regular vet visits and ongoing treatment. We couldn’t do this without you all – our fosters, supporters, volunteers and the generous money donations and dog accessories received from so many wonderful people.

Saving Hope just wants to let you know how we appreciate you all. Thank you for caring enough to put your hand up and say…” OK..how can I help?”

We are humbled by your loyalty and unfailing support.

Thank You.

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