Welcome to the Saving Hope Foundation Dog Foster Program

Thank you for your interest in fostering a puppy or dog from Saving Hope Dog Rescue. The following information will assist you in your dog selection and learning about what you could expect when fostering. The details you provide in your application will help us determine the best dog foster fit for your lifestyle.

Fostering a dog on a temporary basis is a crucial part in the success of a future adoption. The dog is given an opportunity to adjust to a home environment, and we are given additional time to find a permanent forever home. We ask that our Fosters commit to transporting their foster dog to any necessary vet visits, or future adoption events.

Saving Hope Dog Rescue provides all the food and supplies while the puppy or dog is in your care, unless you would like to do so yourself. Saving Hope Dog Rescue is responsible for all of the dog’s medical care while in our foster program.

If you decide to adopt your foster dog, then simply advise us and complete the Saving Hope Dog Adoption Application. The standard adoption fee of $360 helps Saving Hope cover the spay/neuter of your new puppy or dog, critical vaccinations and other medical and general needs.

Becoming a Foster is a very rewarding experience – the cuddles, adoration, joy, fun, laughter and just knowing you are helping these beautiful animals who can’t help themselves. However, it is also important to remember that it is a lot of hard work that requires commitment, time and patience.

Rescued puppies / dogs require a lot of time, love and attention. As a Foster you’ll need to be present 5 hours a day with your puppies / dogs

Puppies especially require constant supervision as they are inquisitive and like to explore. This means they also find things to chew and can get into mischief very quickly

If you have other pets or children, you’ll need to supervise interactions to ensure there are safe and positive experiences for all involved and that no one gets hurt

It may take up to several months to rehome a puppy / dog, so you’ll need to be able to commit to the process to ensure they find their forever home. We appreciate how much work is involved in fostering but it is also very difficult and time consuming for us to have to move puppies / dogs to new foster homes all the time. It is also very unsettling for the dogs when they are constantly being moved around.

Please provide the time, energy, love and determination to ensure all puppies / dogs find their forever home?

Most of our puppies / dogs are not toilet trained so they do have accidents from time to time and will probably make a mess while they’re learning. Fortunately, they will get better.

Toilet training is very time consuming. Being patient and consistent is required from the Foster but the rewards are great. You will feel a real sense of achievement.

We prefer our puppies / dogs to be crate trained as this provides them a safe haven where they know they can go to get some peace from other pets or humans, relax, have a sleep or just chill out. We will provide the crate/s for you if you require this.