Charities consistently say that achieving reliable and stable funding is one of their biggest challenges.

There are a number of organisations throughout Aotearoa New Zealand that provide funding support for charities.

Grant funding makes many dreams become realities. Without getting assistance through grants, many charities like Saving Hope often struggle to provide assistance to the causes that they support. Grants make it possible to sustain our valuable dog rescue programs. Saving Hope usually applies for a grants on their own to save paying out fees to grant application organisations.

There are different types of grants. They can either be awarded by a government body or through a private source, such as a foundation. Most grants come with stipulations on how the money is to be used. As the recipient Saving Hope must abide by the rules and report on how the funding is being used. Grants can be given for special projects, or for programs within the Saving Hope organisation.

With so many different options for grant funding, Saving Hope has to do a lot of research to find and apply for the right grant programs. Applying for grants is a specialised area as there is often a lot of hurdles to jump in order for the application to be successful

If you have good experience with grant applications and can help us, please – Contact Us

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