They’ve found their forever homes

The dogs and puppies pictured here are only a small selection of the hundreds of dogs that have been adopted out by Saving Hope and are now happy, safe and loved. All these dogs are living wonderful lives today with loving parents in their forever homes.

This is the result of your donations and your help, so take a bow. Together with us, we are a global family. Our common bond is a love for animals. And all these beautiful happy animals are part of that worldwide family. Look at their silly mischievous faces will you?

So the question is this – is all the hard work worth it? ……….You bet

This is what gets each of us up every morning. And you are part of it

Here are just 250 of these lovely girls and boys. There’s another 800 plus not shown in order to save space but we’ll look at adding them on later as their lovely excited dopey looks will never fail to warm your heart.

We are thankful that good people have stepped up and adopted a beautiful dog into their homes and their hearts. It’s worth celebrating because remember this…together we have given a homeless dog, love and care that will transform his or her life forever.

Thank you so much for caring.