“Puppy proofing” your home, socialisation, potty training and all basic training takes time, effort and patience.  Your new family member has undergone a lot of stress.

While groups can disagree on specifics (e.g., which brand of food is best, whether harnesses or collars are preferable), there are 5 fundamental freedoms to which every dog is entitled.

Ideally, every dog should be sterilised prior to adoption. Some rescue groups will have an adopter pay an extra deposit that is returned upon proof that the dog has been spayed or neutered.

According to studies, only 22% of lost dogs that enter shelters are reunited with their families.

A dog can be a wonderful addition to any home, but whether you’re an experienced pet parent or a first-time adopter.

Just like many people, some dogs have specific dietary needs to accommodate issues such as food allergies or a need for weight management. Have a vet assess each dog’s dietary needs to provide a proper diet.