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Spay or Neuter

Ideally, every dog should be sterilised prior to adoption. Sterilisation directly impacts the number of animals who are killed in our nation’s shelters by reducing the number of pets entering shelters and freeing up homes for homeless pets who are already born.

Some rescue groups will even have an adopter pay an extra deposit that is returned upon proof that their new dog had been spayed or neutered.

All dogs older than 8 weeks, weigh at least 4 kilos (2 pounds) and are healthy should be sterilised prior to adoption. However, it is important to not let strict adherence to this rule undermine a potentially successful adoption.

If a dog is too unhealthy for surgery, it may be best to hold off finalising any adoption until she has recovered.

Spaying or neutering is unlikely to change a pet’s temperament, basic personality or levels of playfulness and general activity. However, it can reduce the incidence of some behavioural issues, especially sexual behaviors, such as mounting, howling and the urge to roam.

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