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Where Your Donation goes

Your donation is specifically allocated to help every dog.
Your gift is never used for wages or salaries or allowances or anything else
100% of what you donate goes to the welfare of all our dogs

Saving Hope has a standard policy that no wages or salaries must ever be paid from donations or gifts we receive. We pay for a very efficient office administrator lady and other operational costs from a special fund that we have built up from money we raise ourselves from competitions, events, fashion shows, sale of goods and other fundraising work that we do with our volunteers.

Unlike other animal charities, everyone in Saving Hope including the founders, trustees, CEO, managers, accountants, coordinators, fundraisers, rescuers, volunteers, fosters and many helpers, all work unpaid. All of them volunteer their skills and services plus hours and hours of time, so that every cent can be used for the benefit of all dogs.

A large amount of professional time, management advice and business skills are freely donated pro bono by so many who care about animals. We wouldn’t be able to operate well if we didn’t have all these precious people to help us. We are so grateful for them all. Thank You.

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