We are a NO KILL Dog Rescue organisation

“No Kill” as it relates to animals means simply that – animals are not killed – except in exceptional circumstances where they are suffering or so traumatised or ill that there is nothing veterinary science can do to save them. Only then would we gently put that beautiful animal to sleep as the most humane thing we can do for them. Euthanasia is a last resort after every other avenue has been exhausted to save that life.

Euthanising a pet should only be considered when veterinary and behavioural experts determine that the animal’s condition is untreatable, and the animal has little or no chance of an acceptable quality of life. No-kill means saving every animal in a pound, sanctuary or shelter who can be saved. It means healing those animals who can be healed, fixing behaviours that can be fixed, and making sure there is safety and a high quality of life for them as well as people in the community.

It means reducing the number of animals entering pounds, rescues and shelters by instituting widespread spay/neuter education and services programs to drastically cut the number of animals that are being born without proper care,  protection and homes.

It means dog and cat shelters and pounds must not be quick to kill. It means euthanasia must only be used when the animal is suffering from extreme pain through an irreparable medical or behavioural condition and it is more humane that they be “put to sleep”.

Animals must never be killed because of lack of space to accommodate them or lack of resources to care for them or even loss of interest because they are no longer adoptable due to age, medical issues, aggression or other behavioural concerns, concerns that can be remedied by experienced loving trainers.

No-kill demands that an end-of-life decision for an animal must only be taken as an act of mercy. It must never ever be done for convenience or other non-justifiable but fixable reasons.

Saving Hope is always distressed when they have to put any animal down, whatever the reason. We will do absolutely everything possible to repair and rehabilitate the damaged dog. No effort or cost is spared. Euthanasia is resisted and only considered after everything that could be done has been done.

In some cases the damage done to the lovely dog by humans through abuse, torture or neglect becomes just too much for him to bear so together with our vets a decision is made that it’s kinder and more humane for that little boy to be gently put to sleep otherwise he will forever have a “hell of a life” filled with fear, sadness and pain.

The only comfort is knowing that the little guy will return to his loving Creator where he will have no more pain or stress, only joy and happiness. Then he’ll be able to run all over the place, chasing everything he sees, “free at last”, “free at last” – wow…just awesome.

Killing one of God’s marvellous creations always brings tears to all of us at Saving Hope. Ending a beautiful dogs life is heartbreaking.
Trustees, staff, carers, volunteers, it affects us all without exception. It always takes each one of us a while to get over.

The sick deranged minds of people responsible for cruel treatment of animals is hard for most of us to take in. It’s time for our animal welfare laws to be revisited and widespread major changes made so serious animal cruelty violations will receive zero tolerance and result in heavy penalties and jail for offenders.