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Your gift today helps save more animal lives

Your contribution to Saving Hope goes straight to work helping countless rescued animals. Help us help the hundreds of dear animals who through no fault of their own have been mistreated, abused, uncared for, unloved and unwanted.

Watch the sadness in their eyes change to hope and joy with love – your love.

Partner with us. We’ll do the hard yards. We’ll go rescue, clean, medically recover, rehabilitate, feed, love and re-home them all.
All that we ask is that you just “give a little” and help us with the substantial costs involved.

If you partner with us we’ll be able to work together and make a difference in these beautiful animal’s lives as well as their future with loving families and their own forever home.

Note: N.Z tax law allows you a tax refund credit for any donation you make to Saving Hope over $5.00. You will need a tax receipt from Saving Hope in order to claim so please ask us if you require this receipt. We will need some details from you.

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