I’m Nobody’s Dog

This lovely dog and her puppies are now waiting for their forever family. Take this mum (or one of her puppies) home and they’ll bring you so much joy that we guarantee your life will become absolutely full and complete. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to do this. 

Do you remember that old song – “Nobody’s Child”?…..

The lines go something like this….I’m nobody’s child/ I’m nobody’s child/Just like the flowers/I’m growing wild/No mummy’s kisses/And no daddy’s smiles/Nobody wants me/I’m nobody’s child…

Please make this beautiful girl (or her puppies) no longer “nobody’s child”. She may be that special doggie that’s been sitting quietly in the wings, waiting only for you. Come find her.


Peggy is around 6-7 years of age and her puppies were born on 23 December 2019.

Peggy will be available for adoption once her puppies are weaned. If you are interested in her puppies please contact Saving Hope with your expression of interest. We will update our website once they have names and they will be ready for viewing when they are around 7 weeks old.

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