I’m Nobody’s Dog

This lovely dog is now waiting for her forever family. Take this beautiful older girl home (she had her final puppies a short while ago ) and she’ll bring you so much joy that we guarantee your life will become absolutely full and complete. You’ll wonder why it took you so long to do this. 

Do you remember that old song – “Nobody’s Child”?….. ….I’m nobody’s child/ Just like the flowers/I’m growing wild/No mummy’s kisses/And no daddy’s smiles/Nobody wants me/I’m nobody’s child…

Please make this beautiful girl no longer “nobody’s child”. She may be that special doggie that’s been sitting quietly in the wings, waiting only for you. Come find her.


Wags was found pregnant and wandering around the Bay of Islands Hospital. After unsuccessfully trying to find her home & owners she came down to Saving Hope. Her 8 gorgeous puppies are now weaned & about to go off to their furever homes so the time has come for Wags to find hers. She was & is an amazing mother to her pups.

They were all well fed, clean & warm due to her fabulous mothering skills. On first meeting, Wags can be a little timid & shy but soon warms up & once she feels safe & comfortable with you her confidence knows no bounds & she’ll lap up any attention she can get. She would benefit from further training although she knows the basic commands & has been on the lead.

Not good around livestock, chooks or cats but seems ok with other dogs (some caution with initial introductions). Wags is a gorgeous girl & just wants lots of love & attention & deserves to have her happily ever after, could that be with you? Wags will be spayed prior to rehoming.

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