My experience with Saving Hope Foundation was great. Everyone was really helpful and suggestive on how to secure my property a lot better even though Bailey isn’t an escape artist. I tried to adopt through the SPCA originally but their process was too difficult, and they didn’t allow me to even view the pups so it was going to be a lucky dip so to speak. I understand the point of making sure they animal goes to a great home that they will have for the rest of their life but there is a point where you are asking abit too much – Saving Hope Foundation was a much nicer experience.

My experience with the team was great. The foster parents were so reluctant to adopt Bailey away which is great! They care for the pup and not the dollars at the end.

Why did you choose a rescue pup? Originally, I just wanted a pup like most people, but I wasn’t too sure about how to go about doing this. I went to pet stores and though man these pups are expensive, and they are just going to keep regenerating from breeders most likely what other options are out there? I stumbled across Saving Hope Foundation on TradeMe and am glad I did, it is so much more satisfying to no in the back of your mind you helped an organisation save another pup than help an organisation fill there pockets more.

What is life like now with your saving hope foundation rescue pup? Crazy. Bailey has grown in size, confidence and energy from when I first got her at 8 months old (now 13 months old) She has the weirdest games that she likes to play like climbing all over my shoulders so that I pick her up or waiting for me to wake up just, so she can slap me with her paw. I wouldn’t change it if I could.