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Please complete the following online form or you can download the form and email to info@savinghope.co.nz

Personal Details

Valid Drivers Licence? YesNo

Your Home

Do you own your own home? YesNo
If you are renting we will need written consent from your landlord/agent permitting you to foster pups/dogs on the property.

Landlord Permission:

Employment Details

Are you employed? YesNo

Type of Employment FulltimeParttimeWork from Home


Do you have any Pets? YesNo

If Yes. are they desexed? YesNo

If Yes. are vaccinations up to date? YesNo


Do you have Children? YesNo

Referee Details


I (name) agree to Foster the dog and will abide by the terms of Saving Hope Foundation.

I (name) will follow any Saving Hope Foundation’s recommendations regarding the care and welfare of the dog.

I (name) have never been subject to legal action for cruelty or neglect of animals and have never owned an animal which has been confiscated by any agency for violations of any laws, regulations or animal adoption agreements.

Saving Hope Foundation operates solely on donations and are not in a financial position to cover any losses that the foster dog may do whilst in your care.

Therefore, I (name) agree that Saving Hope Foundation will not be held accountable or liable for any damages incurred by any dog in my care and that I assume all responsibility to repair or replace any damaged items, fixtures or fittings or to ensure I have current contents insurance policy which will cover any damage that may occur.

I (name) will ensure that the dog will be fostered as a domesticated house pet and will sleep inside at night.

Where required Saving Hope Foundation will remove the dog for any reason as they see fit. Failure to hand over a dog may result in Police action.

By signing this form you agree with all the information you have provided is correct and true, and that you will adhere to this declaration. You also declare that you are over the age of 18.

I declare the information provided to be correct

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