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    Note: If you do not have NZ Residency/Citizenship, you will be unable to foster a dog from Saving Hope.

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    If you are renting we need a signed acceptance from your Landlord or Letting Agent permitting you to have pets on the property. This acceptance MUST accompany your foster application.

    You can email this seperately to Please ensure you supply your contact details so we can match your application

    Property Check

    For your application to be considered a property check will need to be completed. We trust you are happy for Saving Hope to do this. The following are our standard requirements:

    • Your home must have a safe, fenced in area to keep your dog in

    • There must be a proper shelter for the dogs if left outside during any part of the day BUT if the dogs are under 3 mths old they must not be left outside unsupervised

    • The puppy or dog will be fostered as a domestic house pet and MUST sleep inside at night


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    You and your family

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    Sometimes you will need to transport your dog to vets, adoption events etc)

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    Reference Details


    I/We agree to Foster the dog(s) from Saving Hope and will abide by the terms of the Saving Hope Foundation.

    I/We agree to abide by Saving Hope Foundation’s recommendations regarding the care and welfare of the dog(s).

    I/We and any member of my family have never been subject to a formal complaint or legal action for cruelty or neglect of any animals and have never owned animal(s) which have been confiscated by any agency for violations of any laws, regulations or animal adoption agreements.

    Saving Hope Foundation operates solely on donations and therefore not in a financial position to cover losses that any foster dog may do whilst in your care.

    I/We agree that Saving Hope Foundation will not be held liable or accountable in any way for any damages incurred by any dog in my care and that I assume all responsibility to repair or replace any damaged items, fixtures or fittings and have adequate contents insurance cover to meet any damage that may occur.

    I/We give my full agreement and assurance that all dogs will be fostered as domesticated house pets and will all sleep inside my/our house at night.

    I/We understand that if at any time Saving Hope has any concerns about the care, health, safety or welfare of any or all of the puppies and/or dogs in my/our care, Saving Hope will have the right to uplift and take back any or all fostered puppies and/or dogs while the foster situation is investigated.

    Where required I/We give consent to the Saving Hope Foundation to take urgent action without notice if it is determined that the life of any puppies and/or dogs in foster are at risk. Failure to hand over fostered puppies/dogs may result in Police action.

    By signing this form, I/We declare that:

    All the information provided herewith is correct and true and that I/We will adhere to this declaration. I/We also declare that I /We are over the age of 18.

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