Dog Description


Meet Jazzy!
A high spirited girl with a huge personality!  She will bond to someone and be a very loyal friend and companion.
Jazzy will need to find a home where there are not too many distractions and where it’s mainly quiet. She will suit a rural property, with no other small animals around as she has a very high prey drive.  Jazzy can make friends with other dogs when introduced correctly but will usually get very heightened at the first sight of something or someone new. Jazzy has a very high energy, she has three legs due to losing one a couple of years ago, however, even on three legs she is extremely capable and loves to run (faster than a lot of four legged dogs).  Jazzy would suit a home where someone was home most of the time with her but she is also content on her own as long as she’s had enough fulfilment, mentally and physically.
The right family for Jazzy will be one that has had experience with dogs. Jazzy knows a lot of commands but will push the boundaries if she senses a lack of confidence. She also needs to be in a home with structure and consistency.
With her high energy, she would suit a home where she has a job to do and/or an outlet both mentally and physically on a daily basis, and an owner who can remind her to use her manners and encourage her to approach new things with a bit more patience. Fostered in Silverdale.