I first met Lucky the day after he arrived to saving hope after being run over.

Seeing this sweet puppy in such a horrible state was heartbreaking, how could anyone do this?

I shed so many tears on my way home after meeting him. A few months later after he had his ops and was being fostered by the wonderful Yona we got to see him again, It was amazing how much he progressed.

The next weekend he came home for a run in the paddocks, the following weekend he can to stay for some outdoor time and never left.

He has improved so much and is making huge leaps and bounds.

He has a tough road ahead of him,he will never be a perfect normal dog but he is happy. He is so happy, he loves the beach, his big friends, puppy class and his family.

Hes always giving kisses and is super excited when you return home.

We love having him and cant imagine life without him.

Very few rescues would do what Saving Hope has done for him.

He can be a happy dog who is loved and its amazing he has that chance.

Thank you saving hope for giving this chance to him and all the other dogs you save