Not long ago we lost our beloved 11 year black and white “whippet” due to an infection that came out of the blue. Our home just seemed cold and empty after that and it took a while for all of us to get over the sadness. But a little while ago, we heard of Mrs Janine Hinton and the Saving Hope Foundation. We discovered they had older dogs who many people didn’t want to adopt because of their ages or natures yet they all needed love, care and forever homes too.

So…we inquired…and found Molly.

Well, long story short, we now have a lovely girl with a pretty name and stately demeanour. She just looked to us like she had nothing to prove to anybody.

Molly is a Shar Pei/Labrador cross nearly 4 years old. She wasn’t wanted any longer and hadn’t had a great life in her previous 3 1/2 years. Her previous owners said she was vicious because she fought with their other dogs who were there before Molly came along. They didn’t understand her because they didn’t take the time to get to know her. They just didn’t see the gentleness and beauty inside that was dying to come out. They didn’t deserve her. Their loss. Our gain.

When we first saw her at a distance, she looked a little unfriendly, almost intimidating. We were a bit apprehensive. We’d seen the famous toilet tissues commercials on TV but those Sharpei doggies were cute little pups. This was a big girl and she was something else. Strong, toned, confident, powerful.

Well, then this big beautiful blonde doggie came loping towards us. She ran to us with such grace, joy and delight. Bounding along at full speed, then suddenly stopped in her tracks and simply “licked us to death” with zest and pure jubilation. Her glowing wide-eyed beautiful face was so excited and happy that maybe this time she’d found a family who would take her home and love her forever.

And that’s when we fell in love with our Molly.

She has been a joy. So gentle and cuddly. Calm, quiet and regal. Very elegant. Loves people. Loves children. Not so keen on other doggies though (her previous owners had never bothered to socialise her) so she’s been going to training school to learn how to get along with her friends. It didn’t take long and now she loves other doggies too and runs with the pack. Her transformation from fear and uncontrolled aggression towards other dogs to a dog that now can’t wait to play with her new dog buddies is nothing short of a miracle, thanks to Ryan her patient expert trainer at Good Dog Training.

She has brought so much happiness into our home that we sometimes pinch ourselves and wonder….“what just happened” ….“why ever did we wait so long”.

There are many more Molly’s out there just waiting for someone to love them. Go get one for yourself. Don’t delay or you may miss that love of your life…