Saving Hope were fantastic! So quick, simple and the staff/fosters were lovely. We contacted them about Titan and the next day we went to visit and fell in love. Never wanting them to feel unloved again, Saving Hope makes sure they are going to a home each pup/dog will love, which was a very simple process of them coming and checking your home for fencing and if the property would suit the dog. The longest part was waiting for Titan to arrive after being fixed and vaccinated. We loved every part of the process and think they do an amazing job!

Rescuing a pup was always our preferred choice. There are so many puppies/doggies that need love that haven’t had the best start to life. We wanted to give back and give Titan the love that we knew he deserved and to save a life. He definitely gives us just as much love back.

Life after adopting has changed for the better. The unconditional love Titan brings to our little family of 3 (including Titan) is the best feeling ever. There is a lot more walking done than previously which can’t be complained about because of all the cuddles you get after. We wouldn’t change adopting or Titan for the world and will hopefully be able to adopt again very soon (Titan would love a friend).