Our experience with saving hope was amazing we fostered astrid before deciding to keep her. We had lots of mental and money support the whole way through her tough journey so she could survive and live a happy life. We still stay in contact with them now as they love to keep upto date about pups who have been adopted.

I have worked with the team at saving for around 8months now and have had a lot of fun. We try make the tough days as positive as possible. All the fosters and other workers, work hard at keeping the rescue going and getting as much donations together to help the pups and dogs.

A rescue needs a chance in life just like any animal or pure breed dog. They have a different story to tell and are all so different to each other. Seeing what they go through gives us strength in life to stand up for them and be a voice for them. Not only do we rescue them but they also rescue us.

Life is a blessing with astrid in our lives. She has bought so much love to us and others around. She has lots of friends and gives the most amazing kisses and cuddles. She is also an amazing little sister to our older dogs.