Dog Description


Introducing super dog Watson!! Some of you might remember this cutie who came down from Auckland with his brother Holmes, after the rest of their litter were given away by the owners. Sadly Watson is the sole survivor.. but it hasn’t slowed him down! Watson is a very affectionate, confident, playful and intelligent pup. He loves people and is eager to learn new things. Watson is fully crate trained, fully toilet trained and knows some basic asks like sit, off and no and is learning good recall. We told you he was a super dog!! Watson was aggressive when he first came and does still have some protective behaviour that we are working through (from his time as a younger pup and the life he was in), so while now confident and more secure, he does still growl and bark at new people when he first meets them – however once he meets them he is really great. Watson shows no food or touch aggression, and actually adores being snuggled. Being a pup, he is a bit mouthy, impulsive and jumps up so we think he would suit a home with older school aged kids, an active home and a dog savvy home. Watson favorite things are cuddles, cheese, chicken, chews, people and being included. Fostered in Manawatu.