Dog Description


Meet our energetic Meg,

The sweetest and smartest girl ever!

Meg just loves life and everything in it!

She is one of, it not the smartest and fastest learners I have ever trained in my well over a decade career. She’s very sweet and loves her cuddles but comes with endless energy as she is a working dog and bred to go go go! Meg needs a home with a very active family who can tire her out everyday to the extent she needs.

So if you want a fun smart dog to run and bike with or to hit the forest and beaches with, this is your girl.

Meg is social and good with all dogs and people.

She would ideally suit a home with another dog who is looking for a companion so she can play and keep busy outside of her adventures with  her human family. She would make a great agility dog and fits in well with a pack. Meg would also make a great working dog but will need training around this.

Meg is young and will need ongoing training and commitment to maintain her current work. She comes with full obedience, manners, recall training and some fun tricks we have been teaching her while she has been in our care. Spin, bang, roll over, jump through hoop.

She needs a high secure fence as she will jump a low fence. We don’t feel it’s best to home her with cats or other animals. She wants to herd our sheep and goats and chase the chickens. Although we have taught her to leave them alone it’s her breed to herd and somewhat unfair to have stock around which she is expected to leave alone all day.