Dog Description


Looking to add a new forever furbaby to your life & family? Freya who is fostered with her brother Ferdinand (Ferdi) north of Kaukapakapa.

As time is progressing Freya has progressed, shes gaining confidence and her cuddly gentle personality is really starting to shine through. She’s a fun, playful wee girl who loves cuddles with her people. She’s had interaction with her fosters other dogs & gets on well ( & vice versa) with them. Come meet her & see if it was meant to be.

This ready-to-be-loved 7 week old Mixed Breed comes in at 6kg but when she grows big and strong she’ll be ??.. Freya can be found lazing about after a good play.

She loves to get out to explore and sniff, so feel free to show her your favourite loop!

This great big girl is ready to get lost up and down a big home! Freya is obedient (when she feels like it) and loves being in the spotlight, as long as she gets some alone-time too. She’s a pupper who loves to make new friends, so get ready to make a new one yourself! Health-wise, there are no concerns here – just one happy, healthy pup. She’s a super friendly gal, get ready for lots’a love! If you prefer to take things easy brezzy, look no further than this pup that barely breaks a sweat. She’s woofin’ excited to make some new hooman pals, so bring them all with when you come for a visit!

Come make a pup pal in Kaukapakapa when you’re next free.