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Dog Description

Sweet Crystal was found at just four weeks old fending for herself on the side of the road when we picked her up. She was so small and shaking. In the first few days she was here you could tell that she had gone through so much and all she wanted was love and attention. For the first few nights she slept with me in my bed but every day she got stronger and stronger and on the fourth night slept all the way through in her crate. She’s growing in to such a wonderful little girl. She’s come such a long way and will make a special someone An amazing companion. Crystal has a lot of energy just wants to run all the time she loves her food and is slowly but surely getting used to toileting where’s she supposed to. Crystal’s estimated DOB is late July/early August 2019.

Crystal has been introduced to cats and chickens and is fine with both doesn’t chase them. Crystal is being fostered with some of the K Litter puppies and loves them, she loves the big dogs that we have at home always keen for a good run around with them. Crystal is great with children she loves a good snooze. She is a very confident little girl and is coming out of her shell more and more each day. She is very well toilet trained no accidents in her bed she only pees on her newspaper slowly getting her used to toileting outside. Crystal does not mind being in her crate to sleep in, although she is an escape artist so will need a secure home.

Crystal says, “I love to run laps around my foster house as though I’m on a race track, I think my parents used to be racers and I’ve got the need to run I never sit still. My perfect home would be a nice large backyard or farm that I can use all my energy to run and bound. And then a nice warm place to sleep at night. I love the attention of people and other dogs, I get quite sad when they leave so I would enjoy the company of another dog and someone at home.”

Crystal is currently fostered in Beachlands.

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