Dog Description


Alisdair is such a ball of fun. He loves playing with his foster brothers. They chase each other and he loves to play with toys, he has a whole pile. He is wonderful with my disabled daughter. He plays gently with her. Loves when she throws ball or toys, and he brings it back to her. He is not much into liking his crate. will eventually settle for naps. A bit food aggressive. I have gotten a special bowl for this. He was great at potty training, until it rained. then he became a little prince. He loves to cuddle. Every night he is in my lap, sleeping. If I ever open the freezer, no matter where he is at; he will come running. He will come running, he loves ice cubes. I think he will also be a water dog, loves the water. He is a gem, will be hard to say goodbye.  Fostered in Manawatu.