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Dog Description

I have had the pleasure of fostering this wee baby. He is a rescue from the Saving Hope Foundation and he is looking for a forever home ❤️. This boy is such a wonderful pup and would be the perfect addition to any lucky family. He is 4 months old (as of early Oct 2019) and an “unknown crossbreed” but looks like a staffy X Lab mix. His estimated DOB is end of June 2019.

He is the sweetest little cuddley boy that is great with kids and other animals. He is the perfect mix of playful and placid and is a very fast learner and excellent morning snuggler. He is crate trained and almost fully toilet trained. From what I understand he didn’t have the best start to his life and wasn’t given the love he deserves so he is very eager to please, very loyal and super loving and will make the perfect family dog!

If you are interested in getting a puppy for you or your family please consider saving this little treasure, you can organise a time with me to meet him if you want to get to know him or get in contact with Saving Hope Foundation if you are wanting to adopt.

Ziggy stardust is currently fostered in Birkdale.

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