Dog Description


Titan is a character like no other. So lively and full of energy, he would play all day if there was someone willing to!

He is an 11 months old lab cross. He is still growing and is getting bigger every day.

He has basic training under his belt – he can come, sit, and lie down. He is walking on a lead (not heeling yet). He can drop things when instructed, and learns quickly and easily with food.

He is an adventurous pup, and will definitely try and find the line to cross if you don’t stop him. But he does learn quickly with positive reinforcement.

He is really good around other dogs – just wants to play. He has had several play dates with flying colours. He has also been introduced to a 9 year old child and was great with him. He has briefly met a toddler and showed no interest – which is perfect for protecting your little ones. I have been told he isn’t great around cats, but I believe this is just due to him wanting to play with them, not in an attack manner – therefore could be quickly trained out of him.

Titan loves chewing on things and soft toys. He loves running (would be a great running companion!) and will never say no to a big cuddle. He needs lots of exercise. He is good being left home alone though if needed.

He is the best friend every active family wants!

Titan is currently located in Bayview, North Shore for viewings.