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Dog Description

DOB: estimated early June-19
Breed: Saving Hope Special

These tiny babies came into our care last week (5 girls and 3 boys). They are very young and should still be with their Mum. This first week has been very hard on their little tummies but thankfully they have all bounced back and are starting to put on weight. There is now only 1 pup available in this litter – little miss Daisy!

Girls: Daisy

Daisy (White and Tan Body, black patch on Right eye)

Daisy is very confident, outgoing and playful. A loveable wee rogue who is always bringing a smile to our face. As with her other 3 sisters she is always excited to see us and always wanting some love and attention which you cant help but give, a lot of time could be wasted just playing with this bonnie wee girl. Daisy lives with her 3 sisters, her fosterers 4 dogs and 6 cats (2 of whom are kittens that she tries to play with) and her foster parents and their 11 and 16 year old children. Daisy is still a little too young to learn to be toilet trained outside but she has started to use a pet potty mat that we put in with her and her sisters. It would be hard not to take Daisy home to be part of your family.

Daisy is currently fostered West of Warkworth.