Dog Description


Steffi, Female. Estimated DOB 1 November 2021. Mixed breed. Tan-brown with white flashes. Steffi is a calm, gentle and affectionate girl. While self-confident and mature for her age, Steffi is a playful pup with a charming and engaging way about her. She will be easy to train as she sits quietly and misses nothing, and only needs to be shown something once. Steffi loves her foster Mum and quietly watches her move about, patiently waiting for her opportunity to climb onto Mum’s lap for a cuddle. Steffi is definitely a thinker, a pup who will sit and observe things for some time. She seems to understand when spoken to and cocks her head from side to side, as he looks at you quite intently with her bright greenish- brown eyes. Steffi is a clean and healthy pup, with a sweet, friendly nature and a strong little body. She has a good appetite and eats a range of foods. She puts herself to bed at night and sleeps through until morning. Steffi does get up at night to do her toilet. She has several long naps during the day. She responds to her name and sits for her treats, and she is progressing admirably with her toilet training. Steffi loves playing in water and enjoys splashing about in the puppy pool in the later morning or afternoon. Her favourite toys are the tuggy rope, the large ball of rope, and the rubber chewy stick. She enjoys her chewy treats and carries her chewy hoof or bone-joint from one shady spot to the next to ensure maximum comfort when gnawing away. Steffi enjoys playtime with her sister and our two large dogs, having a good romp outside on the lawn or exploring the garden. She loves to perch on her bed and observe what’s going on, gazing across the deck and into the garden, with a breeze across her face. When running about on the lawn, she often drops her bum down in gear, tucks it in, and scampers off at high speed, looking like an overloaded VW Beetle. Steffi has not been on her own for long because she is still very young, and we believe she needs a family that will not leave her alone during the day until she is a bit older. Steffi is great with children and our two large dogs. We have no idea how she feels about cats, but it should be fine if they are introduced correctly. Steffi is a well-rounded, calm puppy who is ready for her new family. She has absolutely no hang-ups that we have noticed and loves to be with her humans. With love, gentle guidance and training, Steffi will be a fine, loyal and loving companion to her forever family and will eagerly join them on all their adventures. Steffi is fostered in Millwater, Silverdale.