Dog Description


Name: Star
DOB: May 2019 approx 2 years old
Gender: Male
Features: Large, light brown 3 legs with a white front paw, pink nose, light brown eyes and a cheeky smile
Breed: Saving hope special
Fostered in Beachlands
Star is super loving dog who loves putting his head in your lap and loves having cuddles. His favourite game is tug of war. He likes to introduce himself to humans and animals as he had a rough start to life he was so thin when he came to saving hope and when the vet checked him over he was diagnosed with cancer and had to have his leg removed. He is currently cancer free for the rest of his life. He is crate trained and is very good with his commands when food is involved. Star has not been introduced to small children and does not like cats. He gets very stressed and worked up when he sees another dog when he is on a lead however he is great when a one on one introduction is made and is awesome with our family dog and the foster pups that come and go. Star needs to be adopted by someone experienced and patient and happy to spend lots of time with him he would be great with someone who has land please give him a forever home and the great life he truly deserves.