Dog Description

Skye is currently fostered in Belmont, North Shore.  She is approximately 1 year old & has had a litter 3 months ago.  Skye is definitely a dog with a lovely temperament.  She is really chill & just loves pottering around with her humans.  My girls are 12 & 13 and  they can play quite rough with her one minute & then all cuddles & kisses the next.  And she’s just brilliant with them.  

The highlight of her day is definitely when she gets out walking/running. From the moment she gets up in the morning, she is just waiting till she can get out exploring.  She is also a really good runner & runs along next to her person.  Her mum is far too slow for her but she just goes at the pace required.  

She also loves her time at our local beach off the lead.  She’s met lots of dogs there & just loves chasing & being chased by other dogs.  She’s never got into any fights & senses when dogs don’t want her around.  She also has no issues getting in the water.  She does chase cats & birds, but so far that’s all she’s ever done.  

She certainly responds to her name & will generally not stray too far from her family.  She always comes back when you call her.  She will sit when the collar is going on & will wait on demand.  But she could do with a bit more training.  She’s fully house trained. She will be a lovely addition to any home.

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