Dog Description


Mustang (Muzzie) and Zally (Girls)

Approx Breed Lab x, Possible Size large

Estimated Age as at 18 June 2020 (4 months old). Estimated DOB 18th Feb 2020.  First vaccination will be completed 23.06.2020. Excluding KC.

Fostered 8 km north of Kaukapakapa – 35 km from Albany.

Loving gentle puppies.  Gaining confidence, cautious when out and about with traffic and people. Love to do Zoomies, then crash and snooze on the couch.  They love watching the big dogs chase the ball, and playing hide and seek in the large grasses in our garden. Love tummy rubs and loads of pats.  Super confident here in their safe surroundings.

Current environment Foster mum and dad, 4 Saving Hope foster puppies, 5 adult rescue dogs (our own), 20 chickens and 3 roosters. (3 acres and loads of room to explore).  Need lead training, they have great recall and follow behind foster mum when walking around the property. (They may respond better to a harness). Great with lawnmower, vacuum cleaner etc, general household noises. Would suit an experienced dog owner, & are super smart and would benefit from ongoing training. They do not chew inside when told what to chew and what not to.  Be cautious when they are left alone unsupervised, they eat cell phone chargers

The puppies are getting more confident every day.  Love exploring the environment.  Playing well with all of the dogs.  Super confident around large groups of dogs and people. NOTE not so in town with traffic etc – they will need to be socialised if living in suburbia.

They have learnt that the chickens are part of the family and ignore them. Learning fetch and chasing a tennis ball.  Very patient at meal times, and love pats and praise rather than rewards. Puppy is learning where the door is to go outside, Goes on the newspaper inside. Crate trained.  Puppy is extremely intelligent, excels at basic training, would love extensive training. Love to be busy and interested. Puppies are excellent with our 8 year old granddaughter. Cautious with new people. They love love love pats.

Come and meet me to see if I fall in love with you.  I’m super sweet and gentle.