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Dog Description

Trixie came to us heavily pregnant – she has given birth to ten beautiful pups on the 10th of October 2019. Trixie is of mixed breed, possibly a bull terier cross. Mum Trixie is still nursing her pups and they are too young to be adopted for now so we are only taking expressions of interests at this point.

Boys: Woody, Freddy,  Sydney

Girls: Trixie (Mum), Penelope,

Foster locations will be in brackets.

Penelope: Small in stature but she has a big personality she is a fun cuddly pup. (Hillcrest)

Freddy: is a very active pup, loves to play he is very inquisitive he would suit an active family. (Ponsonby)

Sydney: Cheeky and fun he loves to play he is very active but loves to cuddle when he’s worn out. (Glenfield)

Woody: Is the biggest pup he likes to be boss he loves to be part of everything going on. (Ponsonby)

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