Dog Description


Hi, my name is Max, I’m 18 months old and am currently living in Whangarei with my Foster family. I have a brindle color coat that everyone compliments and says looks like tiger stripes. My favorite thing to do is cuddle but I also love going for walks and chewing on rubber toys. My Foster Mommy says I’m one of the sweetest dogs she’s ever met and everyone at the dog park loves my gentle nature. I know how to sit, wait, give paw and my recall is pretty decent. I had a tough life growing up so I can be a bit timid about things at first. I’ve been learning how to be more confident and overcome my separation anxiety. At the moment, I need to be in a kennel, Run or doggy daycare when my Foster family isn’t home. I get bored and like to Chew. I only do this when I’m alone, otherwise, I’m a very good boy. My ideal home would be with a family that is home most of the time and has a doggy friend I can spend time with (I love my Foster Brother Buddy- a labradorX). I am great with kids and I get on well with all animals. I would love to have a home that will let me sleep inside and will spoil me rotten. I had an adoptive home once but it didn’t workout due to my anxiety so, even though I’ve gotten much better in my Foster home, I’ll need parents that are not willing to give up on me so quickly. As my Foster Mommy says, I’m worth it.