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Dog Description

Margaret is approximately 15 weeks old and a “Saving Hope special” mixed breed. She is micro chipped, had her first vaccinations, and can’t wait to meet her forever family. Isn’t she beautiful with her shiny red coat?

Margaret will make a wonderful family dog and has a loyal, affectionate and protective nature. She is initially a cool cucumber, but given a few minutes to check you out she will be bouncing around doing zoomies in no time! She is fostered with her sister Gloria. Margaret is relaxed with people once she is given the Ok by her foster family, she will alert to strangers entering the house.

She is very gentle, food-motivated and so eager to please! After only a few days with her foster family, she is sitting and waiting for food, waits to be invited inside, and comes when called. She is 95% toilet trained and sleeps through the night in a crate. She isn’t the type of puppy that launches herself at you at first meeting, she likes to be near you but doesnt have to be on your lap. Margaret will definitely be your devoted companion for life. Margaret is a total sweetheart. Please apply, our reserved, loyal, beautiful Margaret would love to meet you!

Fostered in Stillwater.

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