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Dog Description

Maia is a whippet cross and born around May 2016 according to the vet. Due to her breed, Maia loves to have one big sprint which usually tires her out for the whole day! She loves chasing after other dogs (playfully) or she will run alongside her human. Unfortunately Maia has had a very rough start to life, but is still a very gentle soul. Because of her past, Maia is still learning basic commands and there is still a lot of work to do. Luckily she is extremely food orientated which helps with training. Within 3 weeks, Maia has gone from taking 20 minutes to take a few steps on the lead, to now walking without a problem most times. Every now and then she still stops for a pause but you just need to be patient with her and reassure her everything is alright, and she usually starts happily walking again. Maia is not good off the lead and with recalls, so she needs a lot more work with this. Maia is very social and good with other dogs, but is better suited to really confident dogs or bigger dogs to put her in her place as she thinks she is the alpha. We have not tested Maia around cats, livestock or water, so she will need a patient owner willing to put the time and effort into training her in these situations. As Maia has had a rough start to life, she definitely needs a patient owner with an open mind willing to put a lot of time and effort into her training. Unfortunately Maia is unable to be adopted into a household with children under 10 years old as she can be quite anxious due to her past.

Maia says, “Hello humans!! When you first meet me, I may come across as shy or anxious, but I have had a rough start to life so please be patient and don’t give up on me. Once I break out of my shell, I love nothing more than cuddles on the bed or couch and being close to my people. I am okay with being left alone for a couple of hours as long as I have my puzzle feeders or other cognitive enrichment toys to keep me busy! However, anything longer than that or sometimes over night, I might have an accident inside as I am still being toilet trained!”

Maia is fostered in Massey.

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