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Dog Description

We have 4 puppies available in this litter – 2 girls and 2 boys. Their estimated DOB was mid to late June 2019. They are of mixed breed (unknown), we call them Saving Hope Special.


Lucas is an adventurous wee chap. He likes exploring and has started standing up for himself. He is very friendly and eager to play. He loves to run, chase, and cuddling! He has a lovely short silky hair coat and mixed light/dark colouring. He is fostered with two cats, getting on cautiously and well. He has had some exposure to children and all has been well. Lucas LOVE new people, animals and all sorts of places. He is mostly toilet trained, still the occasional wee wee accident inside. He can last all night in the crate without needing toilet breaks and knows to wee outside. He loves his crate. He is very food driven, already familiar with a collar and the leash. We’re still working ongoing onto the wee pad for toileting inside, recall to name and sitting on command.

Lucas says,  “I absolutely love to explore – it’s scary at first but then it’s way fun. Then cuddling with my humans.”

Lucas is currently fostered in Browns Bay with his sister, Lulu.