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Dog Description

Lachlan (Lachy)

Lachy came to us from our friends at Bay of Islands Animal Rescue. His estimated DOB is 29th August 2019. He is of mixed breed, possibly Lab X Ridgeback.

He is loving, curious, intelligent, eager to learn and please. He has been aroud 2x adult cats and he hasn’t shown any issues. He is currently living with a 2yr old boy. Lachy interacts well with children and is fairly tolerant of our sons loud and unpredictable play. Supervision is required to avoid nipping when play gets too exciting. Lachy is confident and well behaved with new people. He is yet to meet other dogs. He settles well in the car but can vomit if the journey is longer than 30 minutes. This should get better with time.

Toilet training is a work in progress:

• Consistently uses puppy pads while in puppy pen

• Outside toileting a work in progress, most successful when taken outside at regular intervals.

Lachy has started to take himself outside but still has accidents if not taken out regularly or when he is excited/anxious/nervous.

He is crate trained, sleeps on his own in the crate overnight with no issues. Lachy thrives when handled with a calm authoritative approach. He can follow basic commands such as sit, stay and come. He is very easy to train, highly motivated by praise and food. We are currently working on fetch, roll over and lie down. Toilet Training and separation anxiety are the ones we are still working on. We expect successful toilet training will come with time and consistency. Lachy can tolerate separation overnight but gets lonely if left alone during the day. He would suit an owner that is home during the day or has other dogs/animals to keep Lachy company.

Lachy says, “I absolutely love… I am scared/unsure of …. I love to cuddle and will try to sneak in a cuddle whenever I can.”

Lachy is currently fostered in Pukekohe.

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