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Dog Description

There are 11 puppies available in this litter – you heard that right – 11! They are of mixed breed and has an estimated DOB is 30th July 2019. Breed: Unknown – Saving Hope Special!

We’ve only been with our foster family for a little while and are getting to know them just as much as they are getting to know us.  We’ve had a wonderful time playing with the little 2 legged puppies that live here and there are some Ninja chickens that keep sneaking up on us, we’re still getting used to them. They think they’re funny, but just wait one day when our legs are bigger and we have found our voice we’ll show those chickens how to play.

We love to play, eat and sleep at the moment! There are plenty of puppy wrestling matches where ears are nibbled and tails are chewed but its all in good fun.

These guys love to explore and investigate the farmland they are currently fostered on, while a little reserved, they are still confident enough to observe the other livestock around. Sometimes, they like to hide in the long grass and all you can see is a tail or two to guide you to finding them. All the puppies are eager for cuddles and love to lick and nestle into you. They are working on their toilet training, and as they love being outside this makes things easier. Pouncing, chasing each other or the 2 legged puppy,  attacking feet and unicorn slippers are all on their favourite activities list.


Klaus is a little more reserved and prefers to watch the shenanigans from the peace of his crate or the safety of your arms (safety as the other 2 gang up on him and wake him up or sit on him). He is definitely the calmer of the two but he can also be rough!

Klaus is a quiet soul. He loves to watch, study and observe. But I’ve noticed he is the risk taker. He is the leader in exploration missions. He also LOVES to cuddle. He’ll nuzzle into you and especially loves to lick and smoother you with kisses. Klaus has been socialised with small children and chickens. Klaus will make a perfect addition to any family that is willing to give him the time to settle in.

They are starting to learn basic commands, but its soooo boring having to sit when we would rather run, or stay when you want to pounce. But we are super keen to do whatever we need to do to help us find our forever home.

Klaus is currently fostered in Mangawhai with his siblings, Kade & Katja.