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Dog Description

This is Kai, he is nearly 7 weeks old. If I was going to foster fail it would probably be with Kai. He is a dark, dark velvety brown with a tiny soul patch on his chin and two with back paws. Kai is less likely to rush into new situations than his siblings, he likes to think things over, but he’s very confident once he’s checked things out. Kai is my little buddy and he likes to follow me around, he will be a very loyal dog.

He’s gentle and snuggly, playful and gets on well with his siblings, but is no pushover. He is almost toilet trained and will always go outside if he has access. Kai is a solid little guy, and quieter than Kahu (much less likely to cry when he’s put to bed) and happy to put himself to bed alone when he’s tired. He’s learnt to sit and wait for treats and is a quiet, thoughtful charmer who soon wins you over.

Dog Details


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